Infectious Disease

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In a world teeming with microbes, University of Minnesota Physicians doctors battle any disease-causing germ, from ancient bacteria to emerging viruses. We identify and treat infections associated with sexual activity, contaminated food, travel, surgery and other sources of exposure. Our services range from routine vaccines to confidential, same-day HIV testing to medication management for immune deficiency and infectious diseases.

As faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School, our world-class physicians also serve as leaders in infectious disease research. As a result, you’ll benefit from the latest, most effective treatments for many conditions -- including herpes, hepatitis B and C, pneumonia, meningitis, food-borne illness, tropical illnesses and complications of bone marrow or organ transplants -- as well as opportunities to enroll in clinical trials of new therapies.

We provide a team approach to treatment. In addition to an infectious disease physician with expertise in your particular conditions, your care team may include nurses, social workers, pharmacists and other specialists.

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HIV and AIDS program
At our Infectious Disease Clinic, we provide care for adults, children and infants with HIV, as well as pregnant women. The clinic offers a confidential, safe setting, one-stop visits, an onsite pharmacy and AIDS-certified nurses with in-depth knowledge of HIV care.


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